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Contact Information
Naples, Florida, USA
Ave Maria, Florida, USA
Bonita Springs / Estero, Florida, USA
Marco Island, Florida, USA
Fort Myers, Florida, USA

Softwashing is a new and safer way to clean exterior surfaces. Softwash was founded by Carlos Jaldín and Charly Bartha, both resident citizens of Florida, as a determined effort to contribute to urban embellishment. Their motto- ​"Keeping your home and business healthy". Softwash is a qualified and technified service seeking to protect the value and lifespan of you real estate properties and the quality of life in your beautiful community.

Our services include roof cleaning, house washing, fence cleaning,  concrete cleaning, driveway cleaning, screen enclosure cleaning, patio cleaning, deck cleaning, brick cleaning, gutter cleaning, awning cleaning, and solar panel cleaning.

Softwashing not only cleans better, but also is used to treat the surfaces as well with eco-friendly cleaning solutions that are applied by use of special, low pressure pumps.

Once the cleaning solution is applied, it is left on the surface to be treated for a certain period of time to give the cleaners the chance to seep into all the small cracks and crevices, break the adhesion of dirt and kill all the algae, bacteria and other pollutants. Then, the surface is rinsed again at low pressure, leaving your home or business not only clean, but safe from the damage that pressure washing would cause.

Softwash is a better alternative to standard harmful high-pressure washing because we use water-based eco-friendly chemicals to break down dirt and crud, eliminate bug nests and spider webs. Softwash method kills mold, mildew, algae and also microorganisms on several surfaces such as roofs, fences, exterior walls, stairs and driveways, leaving them clean and sterilized.


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