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Fort Myers, Florida, USA
Marco Island, Florida, USA
Naples, Florida, USA
Ave Maria, Florida, USA
Bonita Springs / Estero, Florida, USA
Cape Coral, Florida, USA

Did you know that as a homeowner you own parts of your electrical system, therefore responsible for the repair?
Hurricane Ian has caused so much damage to homes in our area, we hope the guidelines below help our homeowners understand their ownership and responsibility.
Homeowners Ownership/Responsibility:
Weatherhead- this is the point where the electric lines connect to your home.
Riser - this connects your home's electrical meter to overhead power lines so you can receive electrical service from the grid.
Meter base - this is the meter mounted in the box.
Household wiring - this is the interior wiring that distributes electricity through your home.
Service Drop - the wires running from the utility pole to your home.
Electric Meter - measures your electricity use.
If you had any damages caused by Hurricane Ian to your electrical system - call us for an estimate and repair today!

State: #EC13010875

Local: #1076427

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