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Contact Information
Phone: 239-360-2730
Bonita Springs / Estero, Florida, USA

Congratulations!  You have started your yogic life journey.  Both experienced yogis and complete novices are welcome at our practice.  Our school is devoted to your well-being, achievable through the ancient practice of yoga.

Our Yoga Place began when Tom and I began our respective yoga journeys about a decade ago.  Yoga has helped us in innumerable ways.  It is our desire to help you create your own adventure.  We built Our Yoga Place with the principles of Community, Discovery, Discipline, and Balance in mind.  Our experience can help support you with your aspirations!

Through Community, we can co-create happier, supportive, and joyful lives.  Our Yoga Place provides opportunities for students to mingle and connect, support each other through school challenges, and learn collaboratively.

Discovery makes us open to life’s abundant choices and how they can make our lives more fulfilling.

Discipline is the backbone to your success. With the support of your teachers and classmates, you’ll find yoga a powerful outlet for self-improvement.

Balance is more than standing on one leg. When you uncover balance, you discover adventure that leads towards your own amazing transformation!

Our classes are taught by well-trained and dedicated instructors. We offer year-round courses and challenges that focus on spirituality, health, relationships, career, and finance.

Are you ready for BIG changes in your life?  Come learn and grow with us.  We look forward to your transformation!

Be Amazing!

Our Yoga Place is a premier “Bikram” and “Sumits” hot yoga school. We also offer non-heated Flow and Yin classes. Classes are taught by experienced Yoga Alliance certified instructors. Our facility offers state-of-the-art ventilation and UV lighting sanitization systems. Located in Coconut Point Mall-Estero, Florida.  All levels welcome.


Nancy, Tom, and Our Yoga Place Family

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